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Hanna Naber und Frithjof Brandt Foto: Hanna Naber
Zu Besuch im Marstall Winsen (Luhe). Die Niedersächsische Generalsekretärin der SPD, Hanna Naber.

14. August 2022: Niedersächsische Generalsekretärin zu Besuch in Winsen (Luhe)

Am 12. August 2022 hatte ich die Möglichkeit, unsere niedersächsische Generalsekretärin Hanna Naber im Rahmen einer Podiumsdiskussion zum Thema "Medizinischen Versorgung in der Region" nun auch persönlich kennenzulernen.

On August 12, 2022, I now had the opportunity to meet our Lower Saxony Secretary General Hanna Naber in person as part of a panel discussion on the topic of "Medical Care in the Region."

To support the election campaign, our Lower Saxony Secretary General Hanna Naber visited Winsen (Luhe) on Friday.

The ASF (Arbeitsgemeinschaft Sozialdemokratischer Frauen - Working Group of Social Democratic Women) invited to a panel discussion in the Marstall in Winsen. Our state parliament candidates for the constituencies 50, 51 and 52 as well as our district council candidate Michael Cramm were present.

The panel discussion focused on primary care. In addition to Hanna Naber and Sabine Lehmbeck, family doctor Norbert Eckhardt was on the podium.

After a short introduction, the floor was given to the good 30 listeners. It quickly became clear where the "shoe" pinches. Not only questions, but also desires were given up with.

After 2 hours the panel discussion was finished and some of the listeners had the opportunity to talk to Hanna Naber personally.

It was a great pleasure to meet you, dear Hanna, in person. For the next weeks I wish you all the best and good luck and success in the upcoming state election campaign!

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