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Umwelt, Klimaschutz und Tourismus Foto: Frithjof Brandt

18. November 2022: Update aus dem Ausschuss für Umwelt, Klimaschutz & Tourismus vom 17. November 2022

In der letzten Ausschusssitzung in diesem Jahr gab es ein wichtiges und ganz zentrales Thema auf der Tagesordnung - Erstellung eines Klimaschutzkonzeptes.

Due to the tight constraints of the funding decision, we decided not to hire a climate protection manager. However, the preparation of a climate protection concept is to be contracted out/tendered externally.

The next item on the agenda dealt with precisely this topic - the external awarding of a climate protection concept. Here the hard work of the past weeks finally paid off and the resolution of the SPD was implemented 1:1 - unanimously.

The resolution in the wording:

The administration is instructed to put out to tender externally the procedure for the preparation of a climate protection concept for the joint municipality of Salzhausen. If in the context of the procedure contentwise or procurement-legal changes in the specifications become necessary, the administration decides in own discretion. The members of the Environment, Climate Protection and Tourism Committee are to be informed in writing afterwards. Depending on the implementation period and accounting, funding is available for 2023 or will be taken into account in the budget planning for 2024.

You can read the entire minutes of the committee meeting here.

So there is movement on the topic of environmental and climate protection for our joint municipality. As always, I will keep you informed.

(Author: Frithjof Brandt)

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