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Umwelt, Klimaschutz und Tourismus Foto: Frithjof Brandt

16. Mai 2023: Update aus dem Ausschuss für Umwelt, Klimaschutz & Tourismus vom 15. Mai 2023

Am 15. Mai wurde im Ausschuss für Umwelt, Klimaschutz und Tourismus über zwei Anträge abgestimmt. Zum einen ging es um einen Antrag zur Erstellung eines Naturschutzkonzeptes für die Samtgemeinde Salzhausen und einen Antrag zur Organisation und Durchführung einer Bürgerinformationsveranstaltung "Erneuerbare Energien".

On 15 May, the Committee for Environment, Climate Protection and Tourism voted on two motions. The first was an application for the creation of a nature conservation concept for the joint municipality of Salzhausen and the second was an application for the organisation and implementation of a citizens' information event on "Renewable Energies".

At the last meeting of the Committee for Environment, Climate Protection and Tourism, two proposals were discussed that dealt with nature conservation and renewable energies. The proposals received a lot of attention and led to an intensive debate in the committee.

A motion to draw up a nature conservation concept was submitted by the Bündnis 90/Die Grünen parliamentary group. The representative of the Greens presented the motion and suggested that an internal working group be set up. This working group should be composed of representatives of the administration, politics and nature conservation associations. The advantage of this approach would be the internal development of the concept without commissioning an external company, which would be financially advantageous for the joint municipality.

As the SPD group, we could have agreed to the proposal in this form, and as committee chair I formulated a corresponding resolution. However, the Greens insisted on voting on the original motion. In the subsequent vote, the motion was rejected with one vote in favour from Bündnis 90/Die Grünen, two abstentions from the SPD and four rejections from UWG/CDU. It was made clear that it was not clear from the motion under discussion what exactly was to be declared. There was neither a clear statement on the establishment of a working group nor on the renunciation of outsourcing. You can read the motion again here. Due to the rejection of this motion, no nature conservation concept will be prepared for the time being.

Another motion to hold a citizens' information event on renewable energies in the joint municipality in the 3rd quarter was also discussed. All the parliamentary groups agreed that such an event would be useful and important. As the current regional planning programme (RROP) is not yet available, it was unanimously decided not to commit rigidly to the 3rd quarter. It was decided not to fix the date for the third quarter. Instead, the event should take place as soon as possible, as soon as more information is available for the joint municipality.

Under the agenda item "Questions and suggestions", I asked the administration for a progress report on two important topics: the climate protection concept and the drinking water wells for the joint municipality.

A first meeting on the climate protection concept took place in April between the administration and the company OFC Consulting. This meeting marked the beginning of the planning for the concept. It was decided that a steering committee would meet for the first time in June to discuss the next steps and drive the project forward. The steering committee is made up of various stakeholders, including representatives from the administration and politics as well as external experts. I will of course keep you informed about the progress and developments.

In connection with the drinking water wells for the joint municipality, there was unfortunately no new information on the responsibility of the NSGB (Lower Saxony Association of Towns and Municipalities) at the current meeting. The administration will continue to keep an eye on the situation and inform you of any new developments. Here, too, I will keep you informed.

(Author: Frithjof Brandt)

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