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3. Mai 2023: Stadtradeln 2023 - Komm ins Team

Zum dritten Mal nimmt die Samtgemeinde Salzhausen an dieser Aktion teil, die es bereits seit mehreren Jahren gibt. Nach einem akzeptablen 5. Platz im letzten Jahr (2021 haben wir den 6 Platz belegt), sind wir als TEAM SPD Hohe Geest selbstverständlich auch dieses Mal wieder dabei. Radeln für den Klimaschutz!

For the second time the joint municipality Salzhausen takes part in this action, which already exists for several years. After an acceptable 6th place last year, we are as TEAM SPD Hohe Geest again this time.

The municipality of Salzhausen will participate in the STADTRADELN from 04 June to 24 June 2022.

We already have a team " SPD Hohe Geest" and are looking forward to more comrades-in-arms. The more we are, the more we cycle in the mentioned period, the better.

And since we have been campaigning for better cycle paths and for the climate for quite some time, it would also help us to be able to communicate our goals better. We look forward to hearing from you.

We have summarized all the important questions about the STADTRADELN below.

Keep us in the loop

What are the goals of STADTRADELN?

To cycle as many kilometers as possible, both privately and professionally, in order to promote cycling, protect the climate and improve the quality of life in our communities - and, ultimately, to have fun cycling.

When is the cycling?

STADTRADELN takes place annually from May 1 to September 30 on 21 consecutive days. It is up to the local authorities to decide when to start.

Who can participate?

Everyone who lives, works, belongs to a club or attends a (high) school in the participating municipality.

How can I participate?

An official registration by the municipality (i.e. city, municipality, district) is a prerequisite for participation in STADTRADELN. The local coordinators are responsible for the preparation and implementation of the competition and are the first point of contact for cyclists.

Cycling "teamless" is not possible, because climate protection and bicycle promotion are teamwork.

All vehicles that qualify as bicycles under the German Road Traffic Licensing Regulations (StVZO) are eligible.

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