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Ausschuss Update - Ordnung, Soziales und Mobilität Foto: Frithjof Brandt

23. Mai 2023: Update aus dem Ausschuss für Ordnung, Soziales und Mobilität vom 22. Mai 2023

Die Tagesordnung der Ausschusssitzung ließ keine Langeweile aufkommen, da sie äußerst abwechslungsreich gestaltet war. Einerseits stand die wichtige Angelegenheit der Benennung eines Seniorenbeauftragten zur Diskussion, während andererseits ein Antrag zur Durchführung einer Bedarfsanalyse zum Thema "Mobilität und Verkehr" in der Samtgemeinde Salzhausen behandelt wurde.

The agenda of the committee meeting did not allow for boredom, as it was extremely varied. On the one hand, the important matter of appointing a senior citizens' representative was up for discussion, while on the other hand, a motion to carry out a needs analysis on the subject of "mobility and transport" in the Salzhausen joint municipality was dealt with.

The current meeting of the committee was held at the fire station in Wulfsen. In one of our previous committee meetings, we decided to hold our meetings in the fire station buildings of the joint municipality in the future.

An important item on the agenda of the committee meeting was the appointment of a seniors' representative for our joint municipality. For this purpose, Joachim Bartels was invited, who had already shown interest in this position at the last meeting of the joint municipality council. After a short exchange and a thorough discussion, Mr. Bartels was unanimously proposed as a candidate and elected. It should be noted, however, that the joint municipal council must take the final vote on this personnel matter at its next meeting. Nevertheless, I am pleased that this position can hopefully be filled quickly in the near future.

The motion of the CDU/FDP group on the topic of mobility and traffic provided ample room for discussion. The plan is to conduct an online survey asking citizens about mobility issues. For me, it is of great importance to get a comprehensive overview of the current status. For this reason, it is highly relevant that the questions are clearly structured so that no further ambiguities arise afterwards and the answers can be evaluated in a targeted manner.

Especially the question about locomotion has to be structured carefully, because this allows a better planning. For example, let's assume that citizens get around using e-cars as well as e-scooters or e-scooters. In this case, it does us little good to install charging stations for e-cars only. Instead, e-scooters and e-scooters should also be able to draw power. In addition, I made the suggestion to contact the Harburg University of Technology as well as the Leuphana University in Lüneburg to see if we can create a questionnaire together with students. It is possible that they already have experience in this area. It must also be ensured that only citizens of the Salzhausen joint municipality can participate in this survey.

In the end, it was decided to recommend a "Mobility" working group to work on revising the questionnaire in order to obtain reliable statements on mobility. In addition, experts from the working group are to be consulted. The working group will be composed of, among others, one member from each of the parliamentary groups represented in the committee. I have spoken out in favor of setting up such a working group.

Under Questions and Suggestions, I have asked the following questions:

- When are arbitrators invited to the committee meeting? Background; a year ago we decided in the committee and in the SG Council to pay arbitrators a remuneration. In this context, an arbitrator should be invited to the committee and report on the work. Renewed statement from the administration; will be made at one of the next meetings.

- Until May 31, 2023, there is still the possibility for interested citizens to apply to the joint municipality as a juror. In response to my inquiry about the current status of applications, I could not be given any precise information. However, the missing information will be provided later and noted in the minutes. You can view the minutes here at a later date to get the updated information.

If you have any questions, requests, would like to know more about my work or have any suggestions, please feel free to contact me via the contact form or by e-mail to samtgemeinde@frithjof-brandt.de.

(Author: Frithjof Brandt)

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