Last Saturday, the district party conference of the SPD district of Hanover took place in Hameln, and it was a memorable day for me as a delegate. In the Pied Piper Hall we were represented by nine delegates from the district of Harburg and were able to actively participate in this important event.

The district party conference was marked by extremely pleasing news: Matthias Miersch was re-elected with an overwhelming majority as chair of the SPD district of Hanover. The impressive support he received from us delegates underlines the trust and recognition Matthias Miersch enjoys within the district. This is a well-deserved confirmation of his excellent work and leadership skills.

The district of Harburg also had reason to rejoice, as our Member of the Bundestag, Svenja Stadler, was elected as Deputy Chairperson on the District Executive Committee. This is a well-deserved recognition of her commitment and qualifications, and I warmly congratulate her on this well-deserved success!

Apart from the elections, the district party conference was also marked by extensive debate on content. Discussions covered a wide range of topics, including the use of digital media for people with impairments, rising food prices and the promotion of democracy. The diversity of these discussions reflected the importance that the SPD in the Hanover district attached to this party conference in addressing the current concerns and challenges of our time.

The upcoming European elections on 09 July 2024 were also discussed and prepared for, and our MEP Bernd Lange was not to be missed. In his speech, he put the delegates in the mood for next year's European election campaign.

All in all, the district party conference was a successful and significant day for the SPD in the Hanover district. The re-election of Matthias Miersch, the election of Svenja Stadler as deputy chairperson and the committed discussions on important political issues showed the strength and cohesion of the party in the Hanover district. We are confident that the SPD will continue to play an important role in shaping our region and our country.

(Author: Frithjof Brandt)