Be there and help shape the future! All young people from the municipality of Salzhausen are invited to participate in the workshop for the youth parliament. You can expect exciting discussions and the opportunity to contribute your ideas. Become part of a community that wants to make a difference and help shape the future of your community!

You are cordially invited to the info workshop for the youth parliament of the joint municipality Salzhausen in the Dörpschün on 24.02.2023 at 11:30 am. Prerequisite is that you have your first residence in the joint municipality of Salzhausen.

The goal of the workshop is to find out if there is enough interest on the part of young people to establish a youth parliament and continue it in the coming years. In addition, a rough concept will be developed, including aspects such as age of the participants, frequency of meetings, number of seats in the youth parliament of the joint municipality of Salzhausen, contents and topics to be dealt with in the youth parliament, as well as the connection to the council of the joint municipality of Salzhausen and other relevant topics.

See you!

(Author: Frithjof Brandt)

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